A downloadable game for Windows

A Game by AbdullaAnees & HThompson ...

!! You need Adobe flash player in order to play this game !!

Description :

Create your own website and make it go viral.
Invest wisely in different technologies to maximise your site views. Increase your bandwidth to allow more traffic to your site and include more adverts on your homepage to optimise your revenue.

Updates :

V3.4 Small bug fixes

-The Pot Plant now enters a second generation and begins growing again once it has reached the end of its first life cycle.

-Office Buddy location glitch is fixed

-Rank Badge text overlap glitch is fixed

Instructions :

Once you have named your site you will want to click the refresh button on the in-game browser to gain more views and generate revenue.
-After you have acquired some cash it's time to begin automating, buy an auto-refreshing tab from the store to do some of the refreshing for you.
-Bandwidth multiplies the views per second produced by your auto-refreshing assets.
-Increasing the number of ads on your page multiplies the amount of cash you get per view.
-Cash per second = Views per second x Bandwidth x No# Ads on page x 0.01


Install instructions

A Game by AbdullaAnees & HThompson ...

!! you need Adobe flash player in order to make this game work correctly !!

- Extract the 2 files to your desktop

- Run Setup.exe

- Follow the installer instructions

- Open the game from your desktop

- Enjoy ;-)


IDLE Web Tycoon.rar 15 MB